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Ginger has extensive experience and qualifications in the following areas:

Financial Freedom

Too much debt?  Not enough income?  Money is often a source of stress and a feeling of pressure.  Working together we can set up a pathway to Financial Freedom!

As a do-it-yourself resource, I offer the following link to my website:


If you are interested in a full consultation, feel free to book time in my shop.


Goal Setting and Success

Career, business or personal goals should add to your feelings or freedom, adventure and self fulfillment - if that is not the case, it should be!

My Life Coaching really centers on self-understanding.  I offer practical one on one consultations, workshops, and group sessions depending on the individuals needs.


Open, honest and caring relationships can add to the pleasures of life.  Build (or rebuild) your relationship - together, or alone.  Better understand what you are looking for and need.

Personal, couple and family counseling is conducted based off my credentials as a licensed minister, and not in conjunction with a mental health license.


Health and Well-being

We all need healing from time to time, whether it is spiritual or physical malaise that has you feeling less than your best, there are many options open to you.

As a faith healer, I work with energy flows throughout our physical and non-physical bodies.  Attunement is gained through personal experience - I use sound, intention/meditation and color therapy to assist.  In addition, I offer essential oil and other homeopathic alternatives in my shop.

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