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The journey that led me to here…

Do you have a theme?  Have you ever thought about what it might be?  Are there sign posts in your life pointing you to discovering what it might be?

I would not have said that I have a theme…  It has taken me years to come to this point, and realize I do have a word that comes to me consistently…  What do I like?  How do I want to build my life?  What principle/energy/concept inspires and comforts me?

Since you’re on my website, you shouldn’t have difficulty figuring out that it is Freedom!

The first business I named, was “Freedom Financial Partners.”  The whole business was founded on helping small business owners to feel free of the burden of financial stress and details.  The business was designed to be a partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs.  To free them to do what they enjoy and focus on their main business – whatever that might be. 

Taking the next step of freeing up the entrepreneur to focus on their thing, and build a sustainable, growing healthy business – I founded GG Brand Management.  The marketing company.  In addition to helping others, I was building with creativity and one of my artistic outlets – photography.  I love life – people, animals, architecture, nature – I love it all.  Capturing it and using it for marketing enables me to combine something I love and have as a natural talent into something with which I can make money.

Woven throughout my vocational journey has been a spiritual adventure.  My earliest memories of conversations with God were before I was in school – 3 or 4.  Now, don’t mistake the longevity of my adventure with an overt dedication to spiritual awakening or fulfillment.  In fact, there were many years at a time, when my participation in organized religion only included Christmas trees and Easter baskets. But, throughout my life, I have had faith and felt the connection to that energy that dwells within me and all I know – uniting us.  I have always prayed and received direction and guidance – whether within or outside of a formal religious practice.   

I have had several people ask me over the years if I had an interest in attending seminary.  I considered it, but never found a religious group where I fully connected.  I believe we each have our own unique relationship with God/Spirit or whatever name an individual feels compelled to use.  In my experience following a prescribed set of traditions, beliefs and practices can diminish the personal experience and relationship by projecting others experiences on our own.  Several years ago I found Peace Community Church International.  The belief that each of us has our own unique contribution to the world, and our own unique path – fit with my truth.  As long as your freedom doesn’t impose on someone else’s freedom – GO FOR IT!

As I continue to grow and explore what my freedom brings for me, I welcome you to join me.  I have built this business to facilitate the journey towards a freedom based lifestyle.  If you feel the need for something you don’t see here – ask, I have a very extensive world-wide network – I probably know someone who has what you’re seeking.

Welcome, God Bless, and Namaste


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