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Your Spiritual Gifts


Everyone has the four gifts of Prophecy, Vision, intuition and Feeling.  You will find out what your first gift is, as well as your second, third and fourth, and how to use them effectively in your everyday life.  This is how your angels/helpers communicate with you on a sensitivity level.


Your Sensitivity and Your Energy


You will clarify how your natural “psychic sensitivity” works for you and how to be more in command of your energy. You will receive an exact percentage telling you how much of the time you are picking up information from your inner guidance to be in the right place at the right time.  Find out how much of your personal energy is directed in a positive way, a negative way and how much indecision keeps you from accomplishing your material and spiritual goals in life.


How to Contact Your Guidance/Angels


You learn how many angels you have this lifetime and what their energy is like when it comes into your aura.  Do-it-yourself techniques help you uplift your energy instantly and put you into direct conscious contact with your angels to receive answers to your daily life questions. You are shown how maintain constant communication with your team of guardian angels, your inner guidance.

Orientation Profile

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