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Your Personal Niche


Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?  A starfish on the beach?  Like things are harder for you than they should be?  Then it may be time to look into your energy type and your vibrational pattern.



Your Energy Type


By understanding your primary energy type you can make life choices that will allow you to feel like you fit in to your own space with ease.  Understanding the other energy types will allow you to identify the characteristics you should look for when choosing partners, friends and co-workers.  A strong team has people that fill each energy type with natural ease, because they are in their own energy.


Your Vibrational Pattern


Your vibrational pattern is your nature, your natural ability.  By working within your vibrational pattern you will maintain your enthusiasm and work will be easier, because it is within your nature.  After receiving this consultation you will have spiritual insight into your primary energy type and vibrational pattern.  Discerning what in your life is in alignment with your niche, and what you may choose to adjust.

Niche Profile

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