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Chakra Energy Flow


Based on a glandular system view of the chakra energy, during this profile you will gain a bigger picture of the flow of energy.  In addition, by working with Spirit, we will  discover the exact percentage of energy flowing through each of your 7 chakras.  


Your Current Pressure Point


Get a indepth look at one chakra that is causing you the most pressure at the time of your profile.  As your spiritual counselor and working with Spirit, I will help you to identify and understand the concepts impacting the identified chakra.


Understand how to heal your Chakras


You will learn how to heal your chakras by becoming aware of the concepts and attitudes you carry that block the flow of energy within your spiritual and physical natures of life.

You will experience a healing technique along with a heal thyself worksheet to balance all of your 7 chakras. So that you can feel healthy and vibrant all the time.

Balancing the Glandular System

  • The Orientation Profile is a prerequisite for this profile.  

    The Blockage Profile is a prerequisite for this profile.  

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